Unitec Advanced Systems Pty Ltd is a wholly owned Western Australian company located in Perth, Western Australia and specialises only in the manufacture and service of ergonomic office seating.

The company is founded on technical knowledge, research and experience, local and European acquired over 20 years. Office chairs are technology products and technological knowledge, experience and expertise are crucial in producing a product of quality, durability and reliability.

Unitec prides itself in designing and manufacturing the best quality seating based on international ergonomic principles.

We believe that seating that is both comfortable and postural supportive is an obligation of the employer to the employee and by providing such seating it is of great benefit to both parties.

Unitec is committed to providing the very best in best customer service for both new and existing seating, offering 5 year warranties on new seating and generous warranties on repairs. it is how we choose to do business, with integrity and ever mindful of the bottom-line for our customers.

Feel free to browse our Site and Range of exclusive Products and Contact Us if you wish to discuss your requirements.

Unitec believes that your business, is our business...

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