Caring for People and our Planet

  • APPLICATION Sustainable PractiCes
  • LOCATION Office, Factory, Warehouse
  • COMMITMENT All Staff
Unitec Advanced Systems is committed to the continual minimisation of negative environmental impact and prevention of pollution and compliance with relevant environmental legislation, regulations and other requirements to which our organisation subscribes.

We have an extensive Occupational Health and Safety Management System in place in which we have environmental and sustainability policies and procedures, as well as policies to ensure the best quality of our product. As a result, Unitec's products have a very low environmental impact. We actively work to minimise our footprint on key areas, including emissions from vehicles, water usage, rubbish disposal, recycling, electricity, noise and dust.
  • Using water-based adhesives and non-harsh biodegradable citrus cleaner to clean plastic and components, instead of harsh chemicals and glues.
  • Reusing and recycling all cardboard and plastic packaging that our components come in at our local Recycling Station.
  • Having actively researched different packaging companies we have found plastic bags made from a stronger plastic which are not damaged as quickly, allowing us to reuse them for a longer period of time, extending their life and allowing us to use much less plastic overall.
  • Disassembling and properly disposing of components on all redundant furniture (including recycling of metal and plastic parts).
  • Using quality components to produce long-lasting products that will reduce environmental impact, as well as save our clients money in the long-term.
Taking measures to reduce greenhouse emissions such as saving energy and electricity such as:
  • Using skylights instead of electric lights wherever possible.
  • Using more efficient air tools rather than power tools to reduce electricity.
  • Striving to turn off any electrical or power equipment when not needed.
  • Not using any huge, heavy machinery and only driving newer vehicles with modern engines that are economical in fuel usage in order to lower carbon emissions.

  • APPLICATION Health Practices
  • LOCATION Office, Factory, Warehouse
  • COMMITMENT Management
Unitec Advanced Systems Pty Ltd is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all employees, subcontractors and visitors. We have an extensive Occupational Health and Safety management system to ensure the absolute minimum risk of injury to our staff members.

We are also passionate about health and longevity, so we provide all our staff with clean spring water every day and promote good nutrition and healthy living. We offer health advice from a professional nutritionist and lifestyle coach to all employees so that they can live long, healthy, vibrant lives, as well as minimise their own environmental footprint.

Unitec's Quality Services

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